What are the five goals of contemporary sentencing

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Theories of Punishment

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Sentencing Theory - Backgrounder

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5 The Purpose of Criminal Punishment usagiftsshops.com 1/30/04 PM Page 3.

Goals of sentencing discussion 1

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Research Paper On Goals Of Corrections

The five goals of contemporary sentencing: Retribution, Incapacitation, Deterrence, Rehabilitation, Restoration. The Commission determined that modern sentencing practices require use of Gap and Decay provisions to reduce the importance of criminal history in sentencing, even though doing so introduces an undesirable level of complexity.

sentencing is not a purely logical exercise, and the troublesome nature of the sentencing discretion arises in large measure from unavoidable difficulty in giving. It is important to note that while the assertion in the original “Five Things” focused only on the impact of sentencing on deterring the commission of future crimes, a prison sentence serves two primary purposes: punishment and incapacitation.

sentencing, sentencing guidelines, and guidelines judgments at the time of this decision, see Honor Figis, Mandatory and Guidelines Sentencing: Recent Developments (NSW Parliamentary Library Research Service, Briefing Paper.

What are the five goals of contemporary sentencing
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