What are my future plans as a police officer

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Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

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Unique Retirement Gifts for Police Officer

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Cop not charged in suspect's death

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An ambulance officer visited the police cells to examine and put plaster on the badly sprained wrist of one of my co-accused, caused by a police officer during the arrest. We will plead not guilty to the charges when we appear in court on November My name is Officer David Sanchez.

I have always had an interest in working with the youth since my days at the University of Connecticut, where I participated in several mentorship programs in Hartford. Some good career goals for a police officer would be to move up to a detective or SLED.

Also, to be an outstanding police man and have your town's crime rate go down after you have been working. Another goal would be police chief or head of a department. A: In order to become a Lewisville Police Officer, your driving record must be in compliance with the City of Lewisville driving policy.

You can have no more than three (3) traffic convictions or more than three (3) accidents on your Department of Public Safety record during the past three (3) years.

A: I wanted to become a police officer because I wanted to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. My personality is a Type A, and I believe there's always a solution to a problem.

What are my future plans as a police officer
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