The main characteristics of acid rain

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[Characteristics and the impact factors of acid rain in Fuzhou and Xiamen 1992-2012].

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Gasses that cause acid rain are sulphur and nitrogen. When these gasses mix with the oxygen and water vapour in the air it causes sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide to. Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic, At first the main focus in research lay on local affects of acid rain.

depending on characteristics of the surrounding watershed) is variable. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) website states.

When acid rain and dry acidic particles fall to earth, the nitric and sulfuric acid that make the particles acidic can land on statues, buildings, and other manmade structures, and damage their surfaces.

What is Acid Rain?

Effect of acid rain on leaching and hydraulic characteristics. Leaching of calcium and lead are significantly affected by initial pH of acid rain. Decreasing rate of hydraulic conductivity is lower in acid rain case. Presence of SO 4 2− in acid rain increased the leaching mass and rate of calcium.

Wet deposition is what we most commonly think of as acid rain. The sulfuric and nitric acids formed in the atmosphere fall to the ground mixed with rain, snow, fog, or hail.

The sulfuric and nitric acids formed in the atmosphere fall to the ground mixed with rain, snow, fog, or hail. Although early studies of the acid content of rain problems into regional acid rain sometime after World.

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin War Il. A portion of the sulfur compounds in air are Characteristics Of Long Range and Local Air Pollution (Yocum, ).


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The main characteristics of acid rain
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[Characteristics and the impact factors of acid rain in Fuzhou and Xiamen ].