Major ocean ports of the world

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Durban Container Terminal

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12 Major Sea Ports of India

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Arctic Ocean

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The nine coastal Indian states Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal are home to all major and minor ports of India.

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All World Shipping AWS is a U.S.-based, FMC-licensed NVOCC associated with,but independent of WCA, the world's largest network of independent freight forwarders. April 20, OCEAN ALLIANCE powered by CMA CGM: an outstanding shipping offer from Chinese ports SinceCMA CGM has achieved fast development in China and ranked into the key players of the industry with its unparalleled service, customer care and passion as always.

Arctic Ocean

China's ports and warehouses are refusing to handle dangerous goods cargoes in the wake of the Tianjin port explosion, driving up costs and threatening the supply chains, logistics operators, and manufacturers that deal in those products.

Ocean Freight WIL Shipping provides global coverage to all ports. Our extended ocean carrier base opens the world’s seaways to you. From the the USA to Hong Kong, and every ocean gateway in between, WIL Shipping delivers, securely and smartly.

12 Major Sea Ports of India

Africa's biggest and busiest container terminal, the Durban Container Terminal ranks among the top in the world and recently pioneered a world class rail dual cycle operation on the container planning system Navis. The terminal has a combined capacity of million TEU per annum, which will increase to 4 million TEU after the berth extension.

Work is in progress to deepen terminal draft to 16m.

Major ocean ports of the world
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