Is daycare beneficial for children under the age of five

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Is Day Care Beneficial for Children Under the Age of 5?

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Is Daycare Beneficial For Children And Parents?

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A few months ago, someone told me to enroll my little boy, who was still 19 months old then, to preschool. Apparently, my friend's month old son was already attending day care.

Is Day Care Beneficial for Children Under the Age of 5? By Jaime Budzienski ; Updated September 26, Quality day care can benefit young children academically, physically and socially.

These beneficial effects are more pronounced for low-income kids than children from more affluent families and for kids in center-based care than other types of care.

Dec 03,  · Daycare can be beneficial as long as the kids are properly supervised. I see a lot of busy parents in my neighborhood leave their 3 & 4-year-olds at the daycare because of work pressures.

The kids actually gain social skills beyond their own Resolved. "Children under 7 can't always differentiate between fantasy and reality," says Liz Perle, editor-in-chief and cofounder of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that helps parents better. The average age when mother’s first give birth in the United States is years, meaning that half of new mothers are under the age of 26 when they have their first child.

Is daycare beneficial for children under the age of five
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